Exude Lipcreme

lip crème, by Exude

Exude lip creme is an unique and practical spin off of traditional lipstick.

Just like the little black dress, a good, long lasting lipstick is a must-have for every woman.  I was never a big fan of lipstick.  I usually wore it only on special occasions.  I could never understand what was so appealing about a product that leaves a mark everywhere – on your morning coffee, on the napkin you use to wipe your face, on the towel, and even on your child’s cheek.   Also, there will always be the perfectionist in me that struggles to apply the lipstick “within the lines.”  All in all, due to my not so loving relationship with lipstick, you better believe that if I am dedicating a post to it, the product is worth it.  I recently stumbled upon a special liquid lipstick, known aslip crème, by Exude.  What is so unique about this lipstick is that it comes in a special “crystal applicator”.  It has a slanted tip that dispenses the product (which is semi-solid) as you twist the tube.  The texture of the product along with the applicator makes the application much more precise.  Also, since it is not stiff like normal lipsticks, it does not lose its shape – you cannot break it or smudge it.  The lip creme comes in 9 different colors including coral, cranberry, plum, and so forth.  I tried the crimson colored lipstick.  The Exude lip creme feels very light and does not dry out my lips.  The lip creme also contains Vitamins E & C and it lasted me for a surprisingly long amount of hours.  My favorite thing, though, is the slightly tingling feeling I get after applying it.  It is refreshing!  This product is definitely on the high end of the lipstick / lip creme spectrum, but I could definitely feel the difference between this and the cheap drugstore lipstick I have.  I also noticed that with this lip crème, I do not leave lip marks on my morning coffee cup.  Since it comes in liquid form, the lip creme can be mixed with other colors, so I will definitely be buying more colors of Exude’s product, so that I can mix and match them.