Gold product to give your hair an extra shine

Gold product extra shine for your hair

I know gold can be used in jewelry, art, and decoration. At first, I was unimpressed with this product. It was messy. I tried putting some on my hair and then found I had golden specks everywhere and my hair looked as bright as the emerald city.  I thought to give it another try though. Perhaps I was overly enthusiastic the first time and I would just tone it down a notch.  The next time I took just a little drop of the gold flecks of pomade and rubbed it into my hair from the roots upward.  This did the trick. It gave my hair a more subtle sparkle than the last time. I felt like a princess and got lots of compliments on my hair at work.  I would suggest putting just a tiny bit of this product on your hair during the daytime, because the sun adds extra shine.  At night though, it’s quite cool to put in a greater amount of pomade for a night on the town.  Did I mention that it has made my hair soft? It contains vitamin B5 keravis, Ultrasil Copolyol, and UV protection for your hair.  I think this pomades definitely gives highlights a run for the money.  Just be careful not to get it on your clothes, Goldie Locks! I’ve even seen it in beverages, but the first time I stumbled across a beauty product made with gold I was downright confused.  An aggressive salesman at the mall tried to convince me that gold products are the new rage and that they have beneficial products.  Of course, at the time, I thought to myself that he would just tell me anything to make a buck.   But I was wrong.  Gold products have become increasingly popular since my encounter with that salesman five years ago.  So I decided to try out one of them. I didn’t want to be too daring and go for something like cream which would be in direct contact with my very sensitive skin, so I opted for this hair serum: Oribe 24 K Gold Pomade.  It’s quite expensive (it is made of gold after all) – $49 a jar, but I decided to splurge.