Kaloderma Cream

I was so excited last week to try my new Kaloderma cream! I have been searching for this German-made product for years.  Three generations of women in my family are die-hard fans of Kaloderma and the name brand Kaloderma is over 100 years old! My mother used to ask her friends each time they traveled to Europe to bring her back some Kaloderma.  When I was little, this product was an absolute staple in my household.  But over the past decade, it has become nearly impossible to find in Europe and elsewhere…..that is, until a freezing day last month. My mother and I traveled to Vienna to celebrate my college graduation.  Between hot wine, apple strudel, and frostbite, we wandered into a drugstore for kicks and after a couple minutes, my mom shouted out to me, “Look Clara, they have Kaloderma!”  We were on cloud nine!

Kaloderma products seemed to have made a comeback.  The old Kaloderma manufactured by Schwarzkopf has been discontinued for more than a decade.  The European version of this product is now manufactured by Berlin Cosmetics which is, dare I say, just as good as the old version!  The European brand is generally higher quality than those Kaloderma products manufactured for the Canadian and Greek markets (although these are still pretty great).

Kaloderma Age Balance System: Body Butter

Kaloderma Age Balance System: Body Butter (Körper Butter) – about 4 Euros (5.25 USD) a container

This cream is really rich and moisturizing and made my skin ridiculously smooth.  It’s best to apply this directly after a hot shower, because the heat helps it better penetrate the skin. It has a light and refreshing scent which makes it perfect for daily use.  I’ve been applying this every time I’ve stepped out of the shower this week.  The wonderful scent and deep moisturizing gives me a very clean and healthy feeling. I could get used to this!

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