Lionesse’s Awesome Flat Iron

traditional black iron

Lionesse Flat Iron 1.5

I am one of those people who dreads going to the hairdresser.  I just don’t like all the sitting and waiting, reading trashy magazines, and then sitting some more while they put my hair up in clips in front of my eyes and then I see pieces of it drop to the floor.  But I sucked it up this time.  I wanted to look my best for my friend’s wedding, and I wanted try something different with my hair.  I actually have curly hair, which is quite a challenge to work with.  I wanted to get it straightened without chemicals.  The hairdresser used a flat iron and it really came out splendidly.  I very rarely straighten my hair.  It always looks dry and like it isn’t really meant to be straight.  The hairdresser really only used a flat iron.  She didn’t use any cream or anything else.  I was surprised at how smooth, straight, and not frizzy my hair was afterwards.  I decided I had to have that iron.  She told me it was a 1.5” ceramic flat iron by the company Lionesse.  The straight hair held up all throughout the wedding, and I must attribute this mostly to the iron rather than to the hairdresser, since she didn’t really do anything besides use that iron.  I was actually so happy with this iron, that the day after the wedding, I ordered one online from Lionesse’s official site:  I ordered the traditional black iron, but if you prefer something a bit more colorful, this iron comes in all different colors and patterns.    If you want to splurge, you can also purchase a tourmaline or titanium flat iron.

I love this iron.  It’s made of ceramic which doesn’t dry out my hair so much, I can control its temperature, and I know when it’s hot because a red light comes (this ensures that I, being the klutz I am, don’t burn myself).  It actually has specialized technology that eliminates frizz, which is perfect for me because I am always struggling with my frizzy hair.  As someone who has always had trouble straightening her hair, I really recommend this iron.  It works miracles and, even as I write this, I just can’t stop running my hands through my smooth, untangled, straightened hair.