Touche Éclat

Company’s Touche Éclat

Radiant Touch by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the leading beauty companies and it never ceases to amaze with their products. This company’s Touche Éclat knocked my socks off. Yves Saint Laurent introduced this complexion highlighter pen way back in the 90s. It is the first of its kind and still a staple beauty item for many women including myself. No more messy powders and creams are needed to create contours. This pen adds a lighter coloring or reflection wherever applied. It is especially great for those under-eye bags we hate so much, but can also be applied on the cheekbone, around the eye, and essentially any other spot you may wish to lighten. Think of it more as a highlighter than a concealer. The Touche Éclat is highly acclaimed by many makeup professionals and regular women alike. So besides what I already mentioned, what are some specific uses for this pen? For one, it can be used to highlight and perfect your lip line. You can also use it to essentially sculpt your face: for example, if you apply it down the bridge of your nose, it will give you the illusion of having a narrower nose. For a more refreshed look, you can also apply it to the arch of your eyebrow, the inner corner of your eye and the top of your eyelids. This product is indeed a little beauty world miracle. I love this product. It is an oldie but goodie and probably one of the few products I think is really worth the price. Don’t take it from me though, try it yourself. I’m fairly certain you will agree with me.