Unique Body Butter

Lush's body butter bar

Lush’s body butter bar (Photo credits: http://www.lushusa.com)

Lush’s body butter bar exfoliates and smooths your skin

Some of you may have heard of the cosmetics chain Lush.  This is the chain that makes soaps and creams that look edible.  The term body “butter” definitely invokes memories of my morning toast, but I was curious to try Lush’s unique and oddly namedbody butter product – Buffy.  Unlike other body butters (such as Shea butter), this butter comes in a hard square form, kind of like a bar of soap.  Really, though, it is so much more!  It is made of ground rice, almonds, and beans which exfoliate your skin, eliminate bumps, and clear away dry skin.  This clears the way for healthier and fresher skin.  Once the exfoliated skin is cleaned off, you can just pat yourself dry.  The wonderful thing about this body butter is that the Cocoa and Shea butters within it moisturize your skin.  I was quite surprised to find out after stepping out of the shower and after all that exfoliation, that my skin was actually soft.  The body butter comes in different scents as well (all with equally quirky names) including “You Snap the Whip”, “King of Skins”, “Aqua Mirabilis”, and “Schnuggle”.